16. Dane Stanway

On April 27th, 2016 Dana Bosch said goodbye to her 27 year old son, Dane.  Dane had just spent some time with Dana while he detoxed off of opiates. He was heading back to his own home on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, to pack up his belongings and prepare to start a new life. A sober life. Dana looked at her son one last time and felt the urge to take a photo. But she knew how rough he felt in that moment. “There will be better days ahead. Happier days. Days where we can take lots of photos.”, she thought. Just over a week later, on Mothers Day, Dana did not receive a phone call from her son. She knew immediately that something was wrong. This is the disappearance of Dane Stanway.



Dana Bosch Website: http://www.highfrequencyhealing.ca

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